Publications & outputs

All our academic publications are Open Access and publicly available — with a maximum embargo period of 12 months from publication.

Journal articles

Eriksen, Marianne Hem
2022 Body-worldings of later Scandinavian prehistory: making oddkin with two body-objects. Current Swedish Archaeology 30 (2022):65-94

Eriksen, Marianne Hem & Kevin Kay
2022 Reflections on posthuman ethics. Grievability and the more-than-human worlds of Iron and Viking Age Scandinavia. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 32 (2): 331-343

Book chapters

Eriksen, Marianne Hem
in press/2023 Of bodies and buildings: Rituals in the halls of the Vikings. In The Norse Sorceress: Mind and Materiality in the Viking World, edited by L. Gardeła, S. Bønding and P. Penz. Forthcoming with Oxbow, Oxford.

Eriksen, Marianne Hem & Claire Ratican
accepted Multispecies Vikings: Animals, people, and cyborgs in the Late Iron and Viking Ages. In The Routledge Handbook of Death and Burial in the Viking Age, edited by Alison Klevnäs & Cecilia Ljung. Forthcoming with Routledge, London/New York.

Kay, Kevin & Marianne Hem Eriksen
accepted Mapping collaborations: working in the contact zone of posthumanism and gender archaeology. In Current Archaeological Debates from the Perspective of Gender Archaeology, edited by B. Gaydarska et al. Forthcoming with Springer.

Body-Politics Reports: A new Open Access Report Series (ISSN 2976-713X)
In line with the ERC Open Access requirements and the movement towards Open Science in academic communities more broadly, we have started a new report series that will be accessible to scholars and the general public. Volumes will be published here and in an online open repository.

Educational resources
AR3092 Bodies and Beings in Viking Worlds, an elective module for third-year undergraduates in the School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester.

This optional module examines the fascinating and strange bodies and beings that populated the Viking worlds. The module considers themes of the Viking Age in light of current theoretical discourse, including topics like slavery, sexuality, human-animal transformation, the body and the life-course, and personhood. We will draw on evidence such as architecture, burials, human remains, and material culture, as well as (to a lesser extent) runic inscriptions, medieval poetry, and sagas. We will confront some of the stereotypical notions of the Vikings and their contemporaries, and explore well-known aspects of the period (raids, trade, rising kingdoms) in the context of a world that was made up of diverse experiences and a criss-crossing of human and non-human beings.

Offered every spring from 2023

Previous publications related to the project themes

Eriksen, Marianne Hem
2020b Dream-houses of the Late Iron and Viking Ages: The house and the self. In Re-imagining Periphery: Archaeology and text in northern Europe from Iron Age to Viking- and Early Medieval periods, edited by K. Ilves and C. Hillerdal. Oxbow, Oxford.