Body-Politics publications

Eriksen, Marianne Hem and Kevin Kay
2022 Reflections on posthuman ethics. Grievability and the more-than-human worlds of Iron and Viking Age Scandinavia. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 32 (2): 331-343 (OPEN ACCESS)

Previous publications related to the project themes

Eriksen, Marianne Hem
2020a Body-objects and personhood in Iron and Viking Age Scandinavia: Processing, curating, and depositing skulls in settlements. World Archaeology 52(1):103-119. (OPEN ACCESS)

Eriksen, Marianne Hem
2020b Dream-houses of the Late Iron and Viking Ages: The house and the self. In Re-imagining Periphery: Archaeology and text in northern Europe from Iron Age to Viking- and Early Medieval periods, edited by K. Ilves and C. Hillerdal. Oxbow, Oxford.

Eriksen, Marianne Hem
2017 Don’t all mothers love their children? Deposited infants as animate objects in the Scandinavian Iron Age. World Archaeology 49(3):338-356. (LINK TO ACCEPTED MANUSCRIPT HERE)